Human Resource Tools for Your Small Business

If you are looking for human resource tools for your small business, you will find there are options aplenty. Thanks to the digital age, it’s also not hard to get your hands on them either. If you want the best of the best when it comes to tools for your small business, check out these below.


To many, LinkedIn is merely a social tool for connecting with other business owners and teams. However, it can also be so much more when you know how to use it properly. Even without buying the premium version, you can use LinkedIn for tracking down new staff members for your business with far more accuracy and speed than clunky alternatives. Even if you don’t have a human resource department, you will find LinkedIn can give you the tools to do the job yourself.


When you’re looking for free human resource tools for your small business, you will find that Slack is a valid option. On Slack, you can not only use it for communicating with your team but with third-party tools as well. If you need a seamless, effortless and free approach to managing human resources, Slack could be the answer.


Just like Slack, Asana enables you to connect with your team, but on a much grander scale. You can use it for managing your projects and tasks, and even for assigning jobs to particular staff members as well. What’s more, if your small business has fewer than 15 members, it’s completely free.


Do you need to set up video interviews for new staff members? Or, do you need to share content in real time? Fuze allows you to do both. This smart human resource tool for your small business has a range of innovative features to save you a significant amount of money. You can use its virtual whiteboard, set up video calls, and so much more.

Just because you are a small business without an HR team, doesn’t mean you can’t innovate and streamline your business for success. Take note of these human resource tools for your small business and notice a difference to your everyday working life.

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