Best Legal Accounting Software for Lawyers

Knowing how to find the best legal accounting software for lawyers can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. You only have to be willing to sift through the unsuitable ones to find them. Below are some of the best legal accounting software for lawyers on the market.


If you run or work in a small law firm, you may find that Bill4Time ticks all the boxes. It can help you to manage billing, timekeeping, billable hours, as well as everyday invoicing and payroll processing. However, thanks to the American Bar Association task codes and checking options for conflicts of interest, it’s beneficial for the legal industry.


Whether you’re a solo legal practitioner or you work within a small law firm, you may find that AbacusLaw is what you require for everyday billing. You can use AbacusLaw for almost any legal specialty industry, as well as having the benefit of being entirely customizable. What’s more, you can use Abacus Law for workflow processing, tracking time, invoicing, payroll, and billing.


Rather than have several programs for client management, legal practices, and accounting within your law firm, why not condense them into one? If you didn’t think it was possible, PCLaw would show you it is. As a high-quality legal accounting software program, it can manage your clients’ cases as well as every aspect of your accounting needs. You will also appreciate that PCLaw is scalable. As your firm grows, so too can your program. Add features for additional costs instead of having to upgrade to a new form of accounting software.


Clio is a cloud-based software which enables you to take your most important files with you everywhere you go. It reduces your administrative burden, lets you take care of client payments and accounting, and offers an abundance of convenient features as well. And, given its small monthly cost, it’s easily one of the best legal accounting software for lawyers as well.


As a versatile software for any industry, you can modify QuickBooks to suit your legal requirements. You can take advantage of its in-depth report options, as well as make custom invoices, sort your taxes, organize your expenses, and manage cash flow. Everything your law firm requires is in one easy-to-use software.

Before you admit defeat, try out any of these above accounting software options for your law firm.

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